EC Premier Masualle Launched “MASIPHATHISANE”

Eastern Cape Premier Mr. Phumulo Masualle recently launched a province-wide Integrated Service Delivery model named “Masiphathisane”. This model promotes meaningful collaboration between government, civil society, and communities in to better respond to the needs of the people. This is an integrated service delivery model characterised by establishment of war rooms at ward level, as the service delivery engines.
Active participation of stakeholders (Community leaders; Government Departments; Civil Society; Field Workers and Community Structures) is vital for the war room to be fully functional. The war room mechanism would also build an activist public service that is responsive to the needs of the people. Masiphathisane approach is further empowering communities to propel their own development. This would be realised in an innovative way including leveraging assets and indigenous knowledge available in communities to create and promote sustainable local economic development.  

Successful implementation of this program would benefit Eastern Cape Province and strengthen relation between government and citizens. Masiphathisane pillars include a change management program that will be fully coordinated at community level with an integrated monitoring and evaluation systems to track progress on various projects or services rendered and unblock limitation or challenges encountered at ward level. Also it seeks to co-create and co-design interventions taking into consideration the different social contexts.
Premier Masualle first made the announcement of the establishment of “Operation Masiphathisane” during his recent Budget and Policy Speech. This approach seeks to respond to socio-economic needs of the ordinary people, within reasonable turn-around times, and foster accountability in civil service.  Through Masiphathisane the Eastern Cape government shall render service in a more integrated and coordinated manner, effectively resources to achieve maximum output and positively impact in changing people’s lives for the better.