EC Transport Hosts Its 2nd E-Natis Anti-Fraud And Corruption Summit

In a bid to ensure a fraud and corruption free department, the Eastern Cape Department of Transport has hosted its 2nd E-Natis Anti-Fraud and Corruption Summit on 14 March 2014 at Regent Hotel and Conference Centre in East London at 9h00.

The aim of the Summit is to bring together decision-makers and all stakeholders in the Traffic Information Systems (eNaTIS) and Traffic Law Enforcement to address critical issues in the fight against corruption.

The Summit has identified challenges for combating and preventing corruption and thus promote professional ethics. It also endeavoured to drive an integrated approach towards a Common Programme or Action Plan to combat corruption.

The objectives of the Summit were:

  • Assessing the prevalence and impact of fraud and corruption to service delivery via NaTIS.
  • Exploring effective mechanism aimed at combating the occurrence of fraud and corruption within the NaTIS environment.
  • Strengthening the internal locus of control the fight against fraud and corruption.
  • Examining the challenges facing the systems(s) in combating and preventing corruption
  • Exploring avenue for promoting professional ethics
  • Uniting all sectors effected in a common programme of action decision-makers in all spheres of Government within the Province. Law Enforcement Agencies. Private Sector and Civil Society.

Participation was drawn from all spheres of Government within the Province, Law Enforcement Agencies: Private and Public Sectors as well as Civil Society. These included, Heads of Departments, Chief Financial Officers, Municipal Managers, Risk Managers and other entities active and involved in the anti-corruption in the Eastern Cape.

Issued by the Eastern Cape Department of Transport Media contact: Ncedo Kumbaca (082 5626 023) Director: Communications

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