Latest developments at the Office of the Premier building (ECDC building) that caught fire last week are as follows

1. Deep cleansing of the building by a Cleaning Services company is starting today. Employees are expected to bring keys to their offices to security at the gate, from 08h30 this morning.
2. It is business as usual for employees working in offices other than ECDC Building as they continue to report for duty at their offices  as normal.               
3. All Supply Chain Management personnel and Provincial Communications have already been accommodated at TBN offices, HR at Indwe House, and Finance at Provincial Treasury.
4. The organisation has started sourcing counselling services for Staff, which the Wellness Unit will be managing as soon as the arrangements are finalised.
5. All other staff members (exluding Senior Management) are advised not to present themselves to the affected building - except when bringing their office keys - until advised otherwise.
6. Supervisors are to compile registers in all occupied buildings.

Management takes the opportunity to thank all staff for their understanding and cooperation during this period.