Law and Order starts at Home

The Department of Transport, Safety and Liaison (DTSL) is concerned about the increasing rate of violence against elderly women, drug abuse and gang warfare in three Nelson Mandela Metropolitan Municipality areas, and has warned the perpetrators that they would be caught and face the wrath of the law.
MEC Weziwe Tikana said the provincial government and South African Police Service (SAPS) were implementing innovative policing strategies, including strengthening the Community Police Forum (CPF) in order to curb the rocketing criminal activities in Bethesdorp and Gelvandale and Bityi.
MEC Tikana said the government was shocked by increasing incidents of drug abuse and gang warfare. Despite numerous awareness campaigns to educate community members about the myths of witchcraft, attacks on elderly women accused of witchcraft has increased in Bityi.
“Visible policing by members of SAPS is being intensified. Crime intelligence units are continuing their work to deal with this scourge in an integrated manner. The DTSL supports and welcomes the integrated task team established by the SAPS and the Hawks, to ensure that we get to the bottom of this ongoing violence and senseless killings,” Tikana said.
Encouraging citizens to play their part in fighting crime, Tikana said: “Law and order start within the family. Parents should play their part in bringing out the best in their children, and in raising responsible citizens who can participate fully in building our maturing democracy. Traditional leaders and religious leaders too, should play their part in restoring the moral social fibre for the safety and security of the people of the Eastern Cape Province. ”