Mpane Village embrace a newly built bridge!

The community of Mpane Village, near Elliotdale in the Mbashe Local Municipality was abuzz, as they welcomed a newly built Mpane bridge recently. Eastern Cape Former Premier Phumulo Masualle joined the National Minister for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (CoGTA), Hon. Dr Zweli Mkhize in handing over the recently constructed Bridge to the community.
Nkosi Zwelikhanyile from Xhorha (Elliotdale) said, “Before the bridge was built, it used to be difficult for people to cross over the other side, due to over-flooding of the river during rainy season. This meant that children could not go to hospital or clinic during such time”. Both the community and Traditional Leaders of the area have welcomed the building of the bridge, saying it has brought back people’s integrity.
Premier said, ‘’As we conclude engagement sessions with key stakeholders in society towards finalising the draft Provincial Development Plan (PDP), we wish to reiterate Government’s continued commitment to placing infrastructure development and investment among the apex priorities in the province going forward’’ 

As part of CoGTA department, a special purpose vehicle called the Municipal Infrastructure Support Agency (MISA), which is tasked with rendering technical advice and support to municipalities, has assisted the Mbashe Local Municipality optimise its municipal infrastructure provisioning so as to improve basic services delivery including the prioritisation of the critical infrastructure development. It is through MISA that key infrastructure developments and upgrades take place across the country in support of service delivery by municipalities.
“It’s good that we are here today in a happy mood. It’s history in a making” Former Premier said during the official launch of the bridge. “It is one of the many projects coming for the area but just resilience needed” “Government is doing its best to change the lives of the people, indeed today is better than yesterday” Premier added. 
‘’These similar projects will be key in assisting the Eastern Cape Province meet its Provincial Development Plan (PDP) objectives, as well as contribute towards South Africa achieving its National Development Plan (NDP) priorities’’ said Premier.

Minister Dr Zweli Mkhize highlighted, “It’s good that people can get all the necessary help from government. The bridge is a dream come through to the people of the area”. “The President encourages everyone to make a difference through Thuma Mina Campaign.
Minister added “The issue of roads must be looked at and must be taken very seriously, and the dignity of the people must be the same, for urban and rural”