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    Department of Health

    A health service to the people of the Province of the Eastern Cape, promoting oa better health to all.
    To provide and ensure accessible comprehensive integrated services in the Province of the Eastern Cape emphasizing the Primary Health Care approach, utilising and developing all resources to enable all its present and future generations to enjoy health and quality of life.
    Website : Department of Health
    Phumulo Masualle (MEC)

    e-Mail : patiswa.kweqe@impilo.ecprov.gov.za
    Tel : 040 609 3998
    Fax : 040 609 3892 

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    Mr L. Boya (HOD)

    e-Mail : nandipha.mlonyeni@impilo.ecprov.gov.za
    Tel : 040 609 3650
    Fax : 040 635 0115

    Private Bag X0038
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