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Department of Education

Our vision is to offer quality public education system that transforms schools into centres of community and promote shared moral values, good governance and sustainable development.
The Department of Education provides quality education for sustainable development through:
  •     Enhancing the skills base for agrarian transformation, manufacturing diversification and tourism in order to meet the needs of the second economy.
  •     Providing socially relevant and economically responsive programmes that address the human resource needs of the province and the country.
  •     Encourage a participatory decision-making process which will empower the whole community at all levels
  •     Providing quality programmes to build the capacity of all employees.
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Mahlubandile Dickson Qwase (MEC)

e-Mail : nomandla.gobeni@edu.ecprov.gov.za
Tel: +27(0)40 608 4202/4203
Fax: +27(0)40 654 1861

Mrs N. Mahanjana (HOD)

e-Mail : nyamie@edu.ecprov.gov.za
Tel : 040 608 4205
Fax : 040 608 4249

Private Bag X0032
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